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Cook it

By your self at your kitchen

Please Consider that we only Deliver to Cairo

Last Order can be received until 8:00 AM same day! 

نحن نقبل الطلبات حتى الساعه 8 صباحا من نفس اليوم و التوصيل يبدأ من الساعة 1 ظهرا وحتى 7 مساءً من نفس اليوم 


Select your prepared meals

We did the shopping on your behalf, you only need to choose your desirable meal from our rich menu.

Receive it any time you want

Set the time and date that is suitable for you. And receive your meal fresh, washed, sliced and  even spiced ready for you. 

cook it in less than 30 minutes

In 30 minutes or less, you will enjoy cooking your delicious meal with a quality you will witness it yourself.

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