How can your kitchen be your new favourite restaurant?

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How can your kitchen be your new favourite restaurant?

  In 1969 the first attempt to make a kitchen computer weighing over 50 kg, serving up computer-planned meal or two, of course, that didn't work out right or we wouldn't be like that until today.we wouldn't be living that routine lifestyle,

if we look closely to steps, we see that you get back from work if you are not exhausted enough you will go through the process of deciding what to eat -that will take at least 10 minutes- then you check if you have the ingredients for your food then you will have to go out again and search for the good quality and trusted ones then you go back home and wash your food, chop them, slice them and spice them and wait enough time to ready to be cooked, and finally will start to cook.

or you would probably make your everyday meal that you had enough for your life to only skip the step of going out again and buy the ingredients.

or the ultimate choice, pickup your phone and get a delivered fast food-god knows how it's done- exposing yourself to all the unhygienic dusty untrusted food.

that the routine version of life, but we have days or special events we like to break that routine and decide to go out to a fine dining and choose a sophisticated meal that actually tastes amazing but it costs the hell out us,and the only to get that taste again is to pay that amount of money again, you can't just simply ask the chef for the recipe and if you got it somehow via the internet you can't get the right ingredients and can't get that cooking terms that only speak to chefs and if you got it you, of course, you don't have the right skills to get the meal like the well trained experienced  chef.

that we all have been doing through our lives not knowing that is not really a life, you don't actually have to live like that you are not out of options, there's a one, an opening to slow down the speed of life, a way to enjoy it, a way to enjoy food and enjoy making it enjoy eating it with your people knowing you are eating trusted tasty food.

there is themealkit!

remember all that boring time and money consuming steps? skip them all now, all you have to do is some online clicks and ta-da your prepared food in here waiting to be cooked within 30 minutes.

that is not magic actually and that is not a kitchen computer as well that's themealkit,

that's made by people just like you, who hated routine life and solved the equation of tasty, trusty, not expensive food.

how did we solve it? it was simple, let's cut all the previous steps, let's get experienced famous head chefs with their sophisticated tasty recipes and get them ready to be put on your pan! and be served fresh hot as you always wanted, how? be delivering prepared fresh food chopped sliced spiced, your favorite meal or new favorite meal-as you get the excitement of trying new tasty meals- is derived on your front door in the best shape,fresh,with excellent quality and quantity and ready to be cooked and eaten being 100% sure of it's source and the way that's made.

the password is yes click it! now you broke the code, and got the treasure now you have what every food lover dreams of, you have food! plenty of it! few clicks away from your door.

just choose whether you want the daily plan or the weekly one,

do you want to choose your meals every day or preorder for the whole week?

it's up to you, and if you ever thought that there are so many varieties to choose from.. don't worry we have kits just designed for you.

so now you have your tasty restaurants meals with the speed of delivered food and the assurance & trust of home cooked food by just some clicks.

Ten years ago, this wasn’t even possible!Unless you can afford to have a private chef in your kitchen

but now it's like having a private chef in your kitchen, or in other words... now your kitchen is your new favourite restaurant.

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